Hanging tips from the Home Decorator


  • Pictures, mirrors or artwork should not be wider than the couch or furniture piece that they are over. They should not be used to take over the space but rather to enhance it. 
  • Generally, the bottom of the frame should be 20-25 cm above the back of the sofa or furniture piece. There are certainly exceptions to this rule, especially when you are hanging things in groups or in long hallways and over chairs. In that case you may need to adjust the measurements.
  • Don't hang your pieces too high, in doing so they will not connect with your space. The best way to judge is for the centre of the art work or mirror to be at the home owner's eye level. Keep everything low enough in order for you and your family to enjoy even from a sitting down position.
  • Have someone hold your artwork in position while you step back and have a look to ensure the height is perfect.
  • When hanging a group of pictures or frames leave a small space between each frame, 5-15cm. Hanging things too far apart will not connect the pieces.

Tonia Marinis, Bellaspaces, Black Rock, Melbourne