As you might already know, at Alex&Elle we offer optional sound insulation integrated into our wall art. We believe many spaces benefit from this as modern houses are often designed with hard surface floors and big open layouts. Noise, echo and creating warmth can be a challenge in these spaces. Our fabric wall art in combination with its noise reducing properties can help you minimise noise, create warmth and enhance the ambience in any room.

Our sound insulation is a flexible, thermally bonded, polyester fibre sheet that we mount inside the frame of our wall art. It has the very high NRC value of 0.75 (75%). NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient and measures the amount of noise that gets absorbed into the insulation.

In addition to the integrated sound insulation we are now launching a new product that we are very excited about; an Acoustic Board, which we attach our fabrics straight onto. The NRC value of this board is 0.8. The board is 120 x 240 x 2.5cm, however can be cut to any size. The boards can also be mounted onto walls side by side to create an even bigger impact.

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