Autumn is upon us, bringing us beautiful natural light to fill our homes with its warming golden rays. Like sunlight, artificial sources of lighting can create a certain mood within our interiors.

Here are some tips to achieve the right amount of light in your space:
When using overhead lighting, glare can be distracting, fit a dimmer switch to have greater control.

Pendant lights have become a popular decorating element in a room. When selecting pendant lights carefully take into consideration their scale. No one wants to bang their head on an incorrectly scaled light fitting.

Regarding table lamps, look at the shape, size and colour of the lamp and shade, but also ensure that it will supply adequate illumination for the task at hand.

Uplights bounce light off the ceiling and provide good background lighting. They are particularly useful to highlight plants or feature art pieces.

The colour of the light emitted from a globe can change the way curtains, furniture, artwork and wall finishes appear. Where possible always look at samples in the light that it will be viewed in.

Tania Bell, Green Room Interiors