Teija Bruhn is the artist behind our new design EKEN. Eken means oak tree and is a beautiful modern interpretation of oak tree branches. It is available in two colours; metallic champagne and turquoise. It is gorgeous both as wall art and as cushions.

 "You grew up in Finland but moved to Sweden for studies and you started your own business there. Do you feel more Swedish or Finnish?"

Teija: "I have lived in Sweden for more than forty years so I feel this is my home now. Growing up in Finland has shaped me though, both as a designer and as an individual."

 "When did your interest for textile design start?"

Teija: "The sixties was an exciting time for the design industry in Finland. I became interested in Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia. She had a new way of expressing herself onto printed fabrics with large patterns and bold colours. She lead the way for many young designers. My mother also inspired me, working with colours and form in her own woven fabrics. My focus though has been prints on fabric, even though I have also done some weaving."

 "We love your design EKEN. Can you tell us something about it?"

Teija: "The ever changing nature is my main source of inspiration. I’m fascinated by trees, especially the branches. They are so expressive and graphic. EKEN is a classical yet contemporary pattern, which I am very proud of."

 "Do you work in other areas of design?"

Teija: "I design wallpaper, upholstery fabrics and rugs. Outside Sweden I have clients in Japan, Germany, England, Denmark and China."

 "Who is your favourite Scandinavian designer?"

Teija: "Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia I admire, as well as Sven Fristedt from Sweden, who is also textile designer."