Janet Dunn, Houzz and lifestyle magazine contributor, writer, stylist and interior design enthusiast shares her thoughts on reducing noise at home.

"…You don’t always want to share what’s happening in the next room, which tends to happen a lot when you have thin walls. Thankfully, the laws of acoustics prove that adding mass to a wall reduces the amount of sound that passes through it.

TONE IT DOWN: Drywall linings and insulation create a sound barrier, but for a less structural method, ‘fatten’ walls with tapestries, woolly hangings, woven carpets and padded fabrics. Felt has great absorption qualities and colourful felt ball rugs on the wall are a fun look. Felted wool wallpaper comes in many colours and textures, and is easily applied to whole rooms or just shared walls.

Even large artworks can increase sound absorbency. This artwork from Alex&Elle is part of a decorative range with optional sound insulating backing.

Another effective way to add mass to walls is lining them with floor-to-ceiling shelving. These brightly-painted bookshelves create a quiet hideaway for browsing bookworms…." Read whole article