Home projects

Another lockdown in Melbourne. Many of us are feeling sad, disappointed and worried. We are still grateful to be living in a country that is taking the situation seriously. We are in this together and we will get out on the other side eventually. With more time on our hands again it can help to get creative with home projects that have been lying in the back of our minds while life has been too busy.

During the last lockdown Alex finally found time to make her own curtains for her back sliding doors and changed over her bedside lampshades. She used the same fabric for both projects - LINERO (light grey), which is a gorgeous sheer curtain fabric in a 3m wide linen/polyester blend. 

The curtains were made into a "rod pocket" style which is just straight seams and very easy to sew yourself. She made them 25cm longer than the drop so the curtains would "puddle" on the floor. 

The result has really made an impact, especially the new curtains frame her back living room beautifully. We are sure many of you have made some exciting changes at home in the recent months or might be planning some. We would love to hear from you if you would like to share. 

Alex & Elle