Both Alex and I have had to be creative organising memorable birthday celebrations for loved ones in lockdown. Alex’ husband Ben turned 50 last week and my daughter Freya turned 14 earlier in April.
Freya's birthday gift was a complete room makeover which started with her brother swapping rooms with her. She had done some research online and in social media to get ideas. She needed a new bed and a desk which we ordered online. With the furniture in place we picked soft furnishings and other decorations for the room, some new and some old. She wanted a Scandinavian inspired design, using light wood and grey as base and then adding accessories in pink. The idea was that the pink could easily be changed in the future. She is so happy with the end result (see pictures above and product listing below).
For her actual birthday we set up the house as a “Resort & Spa” and the rest of the family dressed up to suit the theme. Her "ultimate wellness package" included;
  • Breakfast Buffet - hotel style with a big selection
  • Nature Walk - little did she know that she would meet up with a friend to go for the walk with her
  • Soccer Session - a soccer match with all family members playing
  • Mineral Bath - with mineral salts, scented candles, calm music while being served kombucha and strawberries
  • Facial - face steam, peeling and mask
  • Manicure - white nail polish
  • Massage - using a massage bar from Lush
  • 3-course dinner - nachos with homemade guacamole and salsa, slow cooked pork with salads and tortillas, chilli and hazelnut brownie
To turn 50 is a big thing, and not something you would like to pass unnoticed. Alex pondered for weeks how she could make the celebration special when everything she had originally planned had to be cancelled because of social distancing. She spent days collating photos from her husband’s whole life and put together an amazing photo book. She organised different video meetings during the day so her husband could catch up with most of his friends. For dinner she ordered takeaway from Attica, one of the top restaurants in Melbourne.
I still think the highlight of the day was the performance of a song she wrote for him (together with some friends) on Facetime. Writing songs for special birthdays has become a tradition in our little group of Swedish friends; we pick a song and then change the words to suit the person we are singing for. The quality of the performance might be limited but it guarantees lots of laughs and is so personal.
We think both these April birthdays will be ones we carry with us forever. They were so unusual but there was so much love and thought going in to organising them.
If you have had any special celebrations, we would love to hear about them.
Product listing from Room Make Over
Wall Art: SOPRESA (white)
Cushions: GRONSKIR (pink) and SULAWESI
Lampshade: AL (grey)
Curtains: LINERO (pink)
Tray Table: KRUGER (pink)
Bed: Temple & Webster
Desk: Ikea