Curtain Fabrics

Historically curtains played an important role in insulating houses but they soon developed into being part of the home decoration. Being Swedish, Alex and Elle have grown up with strong curtain traditions. Every window would have curtains and they would be changed a few times per year depending on the season or celebration. In Spring, after the long and dark Winter, lighter curtains would be up for the brighter half of the year, whereas in Autumn heavier and darker ones would add to a cosier and warmer feeling in the darker months. Still many Swedes often have special curtains for Christmas and some even for Easter.

We all love natural light but leaving windows without any coverings can make a room look cold. For many in Australia the main function of curtains is to control privacy and light. However, they are vital in interior decoration. Be it at home or at the work place, fabrics on the wall will change a room completely. They soften the light and create a more inviting atmosphere. They will reflect who you are and what look you are trying to achieve. Neutral curtains letting lots of light through will frame the room as a backdrop whereas bold curtains, in colour or pattern, will make a statement in themselves.


With the Alex&Elle range of curtain fabrics from Arvidssons Textil and Kinnamark, we hope to inspire you to find your unique curtain style.