“Bare walls, concrete floors, thumping music - restaurants are getting noisier as they chase that elusive buzz. Now, experts warn, we're risking not only our hearing but even our sense of taste.Modern design in restaurants has a focus on minimalism, and it's becoming more and more of a problem as people struggle to make themselves heard.

Diners: Our acoustic experts offer tips for diners on how to avoid noise in restaurants.
  • Check reviews online at goodfood.com.au or use apps such as Yelp, which provides information on a restaurant's noise levels. If the review mentions the words "lively", "noisy" or "hubbub", be prepared.
  • Bare walls, floors, tables and windows mean a noisy restaurant. Add people and it's a reverberating noise box. Avoid if you want intimate conversation but enjoy if you like a rowdy night out.
  • Don't sit near speakers, open kitchens or coffee grinders. Outdoor areas can have a lot of background noise, such as traffic and aircraft.
  • Don't dine in the dark. Even people with perfect hearing read lips and facial features to some extent.
  • Consider old-fashioned establishments with carpet, curtains and tablecloths. Reconsider the local Cantonese restaurant.
  • Let the owners know if there's a noise issue — it may be good for you and other patrons in the future.
  • Ask for a quiet table."
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