GRAFFITI Berlin Wall

 We are soon coming up to five years since we launched Alex&Elle. One of the first designs we fell in love with when we were scanning the Scandinavian fabric market was GRAFFITI. Being so unique it was the hero at our launch night and has been admired ever since. Now we are sad to share that we will not be able to source it any more. 

GRAFFITI is the work of Swedish textile designer and photographer Matilda Olsson. From a range of photos she took of the Berlin Wall, Matilda created a montage of pieces from it with inscriptions from people from all corners of the globe. The design is printed on a thick cotton fabric and we have been making wall art, acoustic panels and cushions from it. The fabric has also been used for bed heads and hand bags etc. 

The Berlin Wall was separating the Eastern side of Berlin from the Western side. It was a symbol of The Cold War until it fell in 1989. The west side of the wall was covered in graffiti. The East side was not. It was a wall with a purpose to divide, ultimately it united people from across the world. Matilda’s design is a celebration of people coming together.

If you are interested in GRAFFITI we still have some left but are selling from the last roll available worldwide. Click here to see our GRAFFITI range;

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