outdoor room
There certainly has been an increase in our desire to bring the indoors outside over the last 12 -18 months. It’s all about creating a unified space between the inside and outside, so you can’t really tell so much where one space ends and the other begins. When you extend your living space outside, suddenly you have so much more space for living in general.
Below are some tips for helping you get rid of the barriers between indoors and out particularly as we move into the warmer months:
  1. Think creature comforts and luxurious features. Move to use upholstered furniture outdoors. There are many beautiful outdoor fabrics and treatments available to make outdoor spaces as well-appointed as indoor ones.  Cushions/Ottomans/Throws made of fabric able to stand up to outdoor use – the fabrics feel like cotton, yet are weatherproof.
  2. Controlling the temperature will allow for all year round use. For example, installing/mounting of ceiling fans to an alfresco ceiling will circulate air in the warmer weather and on the flip side heat lamps will help keep you toasty on cooler evenings.  Built in fireplaces or stand alone fire pits are both attractive and comfortable and will help extend the outdoor season taking the chill out of autumn nights.
  3. Become “Tech Savvy” outdoors by looking into backyard WIFI and TV installations, sound systems etc. Dramatic and coloured lights will also add to the mood in these spaces, so too will a simple string of twinkling accent lights.
  4. Pieces of art will make the outdoor landscape interesting, edgy and modern. Powder coated, laser cut, metal pieces add texture and are great conversation starters.
  5. Lastly, more homeowners are investing in the “outdoor kitchen”. The stand alone BBQ is being replaced by full blown kitchen setups - housing built-in grills, preparation areas, bar fridges, ice makers etc.  This is all in an effort to personalize outdoor spaces to meet individual needs.