Kids Designs


Both Kinnamark and Arvidssons Textil have some gorgeous designs that can change the look of your child’s room. Be it some new cushions on the bed, a wall feature or the fabric backing the blind, your child’s room should be a happy place. 

What is your style? What is your child’s personality? Should it be blue for boys and pink for girls, or something off the traditional norm? Should it be bringing in nature or adding adventure into the room that is your child’s own space? Talk to us about ideas and mood boards!

Designs from upper left: SVERIGERESAN (blue) cushion, STORY (white) cushion, STORY (white) blind, DACHSHUNDS (blue) cushion, GIRAFFE (mustard) cushion, DACHSHUNDS (pink) cushion, CARS (grey) cushion. Photo on left is styled by students from Design School .