Our "handmade to the highest quality" promise for all our products would not be possible without the dedicated people we work with. Jill is one of them. She is the person behind the sewing machine and our go to advisor for for all things when it comes to sewing.

Jill grew up in New Zealand and her mother was always by the sewing machine. She learnt sewing very early and at the age of eight she made her first dress for a client. The passion for sewing has been constant in Jill's life. She studied sewing and quickly became a teacher herself. She left New Zealand for a few years to work in London, where she ended up sewing for Christian Dior. After London she returned to New Zealand before settling in Melbourne where she has been working as a sewing teacher for many years; always having lots of other sewing assignments on the side. Alex' beautiful wedding dress is one of them.

Jill now works from home in Melbourne. She is always active and often gets involved in volunteering projects. Recently she has been sewing masks and clothes for medical staff. By the sewing machine she is happy, it's her "little piece of heaven" as she would put it herself. The last couple of years have added another dimension of joy in Jill's life. The time at the sewing machine is now shared with her two gorgeous grandchildren.

At Alex&Elle we are so grateful to have Jill working for us. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and she is the most genuinely warm and lovely person to be around.