Åsa Ericson is the Swedish designer behind one of our most loved designs BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA. She works as an interior designer in Stockholm where she lives with her husband and two children.

A&E: Please tell us about your textile design journey?

Åsa: Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved drawing and painting. After high school, I started my art studies. I studied textile design in Sweden, Finland and England, then worked as a textile designer for a while before continuing to study interior design. Apart from textiles I have designed wallpaper, glassware and china.
Today I work as an interior designer at a large architect firm in Stockholm, where I have the opportunity to bring together what I know about textiles, patterns and interior design. I have always been fortunate enough to work with my passion!

A&E:  We and many of our customers love your design BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA, can you tell us something about it?

Åsa:  Of all my designs BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA is the one that most reflects my style. It’s drawn with lots of lines, in layers upon layers, and at the same time it is quite a simple design.

A&E:  Who is your favourite Scandinavian designer?

Åsa:  Broberg & Ridderstråle are two of my favourite designers. I love the design and simplicity of their furniture (www.brda.se).

BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA means blackberry flower in Swedish. It is a large scale graphic pattern printed on a beautiful white linen/cotton blend fabric. It is available in two colour versions, black and pale green.