Slow and steady, Mialotta Arvidsson dips the brush in the green gouache paint and starts colouring the contours of the oak leaf. She is one of very few pattern designers who still paints by hand. 

Mialotta is the Swedish designer behind some of our most loved designs, BJÖRKDUNGEN, CATWALK, SKOGSBRYN and all the Christmas fabrics.  

“I have always loved drawing and painting, and I think it’s in my genes. My grandfather, Halvdan Arvidsson, was the founder of Arvidssons Textil in 1949. Then my father and uncle took over the business which is now run by Per Stenman, my cousin. Another cousin is also working in the business and my brother as well.

I grew up next to the textile factory and would often visit Dad at work. When I was 18 I started working there and was taught textile design in house.

I love nature and keep collecting pictures of beautiful nature scenes. BJÖRKDUNGEN was inspired from one of those pictures. I was trying to create a depth in the pattern. A colleague of mine suggested I add a bird to the design, a wag tail, but not too many. Another colleague suggested a monochorome graphic design of the silver birches which is how the work on SKOGSBRYN started.

I live on a small farm with my husband and three kids. We have a few cows, two cats, two rabbits, a mouse and a fish tank. I love what I do and feel gratitude every day that my work is my passion. If I can contribute, in small way, to make this world a brighter place and maybe bring joy into someone’s life, that makes me very happy!”