New Christmas Designs
Mia-Lotta Arvidsson-Mars is one of the key textile designers at Arvidssons Textil. What makes her unique is her strive for authenticity; all her designs are initially hand-drawn before going to print. The complete Christmas range at Alex&Elle is Mia-Lotta's work and she is also the hand behind some of our much loved birch tree and bird designs;  BJORKDUNGEN, SKOGSBRYN and FAGELFEST and the beautiful CATWALK with monstera leaves. 

In time for Christmas this year we are proud to launch three new designs in Australia;
  • VINTERLAND - the classic Swedish Christmas scene with bullfinches on snow coated branches
  • JULIAN BÅRD in white - the perfect fabric for a tablecloth (also available in red)
  • JULIAN in red, grey and white - Mia-Lotta's familiar Christmas elves in a new shape
The new designs are part of our 15% Christmas fabrics sale, Please place your order before the end of October to ensure delivery in November.