Curtains and Blinds
Alex&Elle has recently paired up with a Melbourne based curtain maker and we are now able to offer a range of custom-made curtains and blinds to our customers.

Windows of any home are always a point of attraction. We all love natural light but leaving windows without any coverings can make a room look cold. For many in Australia the main function of curtains is to control privacy and light. However, they are vital in interior decoration. Be it at home or at the work place, curtains will change a room completely. They soften the light and create a more inviting atmosphere, rooms with many hard surfaces will feel warmer. Neutral curtains letting lots of light through will frame the room as a backdrop whereas bold curtains, in colour or pattern, will make a statement in themselves.

Combining your choices from the wide range of Alex&Elle fabrics and the numerous curtain solutions, allows us to tailor-make curtains perfect for you. Please contact us directly for ideas for your home.