Betty Svensson is the designer behind POP and CIRKELBLOMMA, two designs that we love making cushions from. New for the season is her latest design BRÖSARP, which we will be launching at our Open House* next Friday. It is a beautiful high quality cotton portraying rolling hills in southern Sweden. We couldn't wait to make wall art from it when we first laid eyes on it.

We had a chat to Betty about her work.
AE: When did your interest in design start?
Betty: As long as I can remember I have loved drawing and painting, and early on I knew I wanted to work with design. In Gothenburg I studied for four years at HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts with a focus on industrial design and worked a lot with printed patterns which is the closest to painting.
AE: What can you tell us about your design work?
Betty: I get inspiration for my designs from nature, travel and books; and I am strongly influenced by the Swedish textile tradition. Every step in the process is by hand; from first sketch to final design. I use various techniques like gouache, water colour, texta and crayon. Apart from textile design I have created patterns for wallpaper, homeware and paper materials over the years.
AE: What are you working on now?
Betty: At the moment I am working on new design ideas for Autumn 2017 (European Autumn). It takes about a year from first idea to finished design product.

TAHITI is another design by Betty also printed by Kinnamark that is available from Alex&Elle. It is available as normal cotton as well as upholstery fabric.

*See separate blog post about our Open House on 21 October.