SALE on midsommar design
Louise Videlyck is back again with a new design which we are very happy to launch just in time for Swedish Midsummer.  In Sweden Midsummer is celebrated with the same dedication as Christmas. It is the time of the year when the sun hardly sets and the nights are bright. The typical celebrations include raising the midsummer pole, dancing around the pole and the food. Traditionally young girls would pick seven different flowers at Midsummer and sleep with them under their pillow. The common belief was that the flowers would make you dream about your future husband to be. The flowers are still picked today but more so to decorate the Midsummer pole and for making the flower crown that is worn at the celebrations. 

The new design by Louise Videlyck is called MIDSOMMAR. The typical Midsummer flowers, that are in blossom in June in Sweden, are printed on a high quality white cotton fabric. Until end of June we are offering a special discount on the complete MIDSOMMAR range.