SORPRESA is the latest addition to our design range. This gorgeous large scale pattern, with leaves printed in different shades, is created by Swedish textile designer Teija Bruhn for Arvidsson Textil.

Teija was born in Finnish Lappland however moved to Sweden when she was very young. She has studied textile design and has worked with design projects in Sweden and abroad. In Japan she has been particulary successful.

"Like most of my previous designs, the inspiration for SORPRESA comes from nature and moss growing on stones. I’m also fascinated by trees, especially the branches. They are expressive and graphic. I spend a lot of time in the nature, always with my camera at hand.

It is lovely to see my designs in Australia and I like to keep up with what is happening there. I follow Alex&Elle on Instagram as well as Homes To Love, Inside Out, Queensland Homes and Est Living magazines."

SORPRESA is a 100% cotton fabric that comes in four colour versions.It is available by the metre, as wall art, cushions, lampshades and tablecloths.