New Fabric Designs from Sweden
Just in time for decorating your home for the festive season Alex&Elle are launching two new designs.

Swedish textile designer Teija Bruhn has created a new tree inspired design. This time it is an alder tree. The design "AL" (Swedish for alder tree) is manufactured by Arvidssons Textil and is available in three colour versions, greyscale (pictured on the left), black/white and red/black. “The ever changing nature is my main source of inspiration. I’m fascinated by trees, especially the branches. They are expressive and graphic".  The Oak Tree "EKEN" is another tree in our collection by Teija Bruhn.

With the design JAZZ we are welcoming Björn Nilsson to the designers Alex&Elle collaborate with. Björn has more than 30 years's experience in the design industry. His wall paper designs have received lots of attention in Europe. JAZZ is a modern contemporary design manufactured by Kinnamark and is available in three colour versions; turquoise, rust/blue and pink/yellow. The fabric has a lovely texture and makes gorgeous cushions.
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