Kids Designs

In July we at Alex&Elle went to Sweden on the hunt for new Scandinavian textile designs. It was a great trip and we will be adding quite a few new fabrics to our range. Among our discoveries were these gorgeous designs manufactured by Arvidssons Textil that we can see being used in kids rooms.

NORDIC FOREST is a cotton fabric with animals native in Scandinavia (elks, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and owls) designed by the Björk-Forth duo that has also designed many of our other animal designs.

MIMERS BRUNN is a design based on the old story from the Nordic Mythology about the Well of Wisdom. The well feeds the Tree of Life "Yggdrasil" and the god Odin who gave up one eye to receive its wisdom. This is the first design we offer by new Swedish designer Sara Berner, a beautiful cotton fabric suiting any room, not only children’s.