"Summer in P1" is one of the most popular shows on Swedish radio. It has been broadcast every summer since 1959 and is more popular than ever. Each 90-minute show is presented by a different, specially invited host who plays music of his or her own choosing and more importantly, talks about a topic of personal relevance. The hosts range from celebrities, politicians, scientists, authors, athletes to ordinary people. The stories that are shared are often very personal and touching. 
Both Alex and I grew up with our parents listening to these shows, then we used to listen to them as adults in Sweden and now we love the fact that we can still listen to them here. 
The Summer in Sweden is over and so is this year’s season of the show but all episodes are still available as podcasts. 2020 included hosts like Greta Thunberg (17-year-old environmental activist), Anders Tegnell (state epidemiologist of Sweden) and Miriam Haley (Harvey Weinstein victim). They are in Swedish of course, but some also come in an English version, still told by the same person. Here are the links to some of the ones that have touched us.
Miriam Haley: It takes an enormous amount of courage to speak out
Greta Thunberg: Humanity has not yet failed
Ingrid Wall: A Silenced Voice
Björn Natthiko Lindeblad: ”This too shall pass” (in Swedish)
Happy listening!