First of all, we hope you're all keeping well.

In these uncertain times we are experiencing...with our children's school closed last week, we have chosen self isolation for both us and them.

As for everyone a lot of thoughts are going through our minds and we believe focusing on the positive ones is so helpful for both our health and mental wellbeing. There can be a lot of good coming from being forced to change the way we are living. There are already positive signs showing mother Earth gets a chance to heal while we are slowing down.

We are trying to make the most of this time and taking the opportunity to connect with ourselves and the closest ones around us. This could mean family time doing things with the children as well as staying connected with friends and extended family over the phone or group video calls. Last night we had a glass of wine with some close friends and chatted for two hours, from five different locations! Living across the world from our parents, we are used to not being able to be face-to-face with many loved ones but that does not keep us from being connected.

Here are some other things we have been doing more of in the last week:

  • Trying new recipes and cooking with the family
  • Doing the little things that makes you happy - like having a bath, reading a book or clearing out that cupboard that has been annoying you for so long
  • Baking is always satisfying as it makes everyone around you happy
  • Watching some movies you always wished you had time for
  • Making time for a hobby like sewing, painiting etc.
  • Going for walks and getting out in your garden if you have one - being in nature is very healing
  • Exercising  - Even if you cannot go to the gym, there are lots of exercise programs on YouTube
Also, if you can, keep supporting your local businesses;
  • source essential items from your local shops
  • keep ordering take away and do it directly from the venue to support their income
  • when ordering online think local
  • purchase gift vouchers for future use
  • buy locally made
  • like, share and comment positively in social media
    We are in this situation together, the whole world, and it is how we deal with it now that will affect how it will pan out.
    Look after yourself and others, listen to advise from the experts and keep social distance. And as we read somewhere "Our Grandparents were ordered to go to war, we are asked to stay at home on the couch - we can do this!"
    Let's stay in touch!
    /Alex & Elle xx