Silver Birches

The silver birch is a beautiful tree which has inspired many designers and artists. The white and black trunks are graphically aesthetic; the pale wood and the changing green shades of the leaves together set the base for a calm and natural look.

Leading Swedish furniture companies like STOLABNorrgavel and IKEA have collections made from pale birch. Many textile and wallpaper designers use the birch trees as a source of inspiration. The same goes for artists, like Canadian landscape artist Melissa McKinnon, who themes the trees in many of her paintings.

The birch tree is a native tree in northern Europe and North America. In Australia it is growing in popularity in landscaped gardens, despite the fact that it needs extensive watering.

In Sweden, Finland and Russia t
he silver birch is the national tree.

At Alex&Elle we love silver birches and have chosen to include a range of birch tree designs from Louise Videlyck and Mialotta Arvidsson-Mars in our collection.