Chris Kringle Game


A must at Elle’s house every Christmas is the “Chris Kringle Game”. It’s a game that is played in many Swedish homes at Christmas and has now become part of her Australian Christmas. 

How to play.
Every person brings along a secret present worth an agreed amount. All gifts are piled up on the table and all participants gather around the table. You need a dice and a timer. 
When you start the game all participants take turns rolling the dice. When someone gets a six that person gets to pick a present from the table. You keep rolling the dice until all the presents are taken. This will mean that some would have more than one present and some none. Once all the presents are picked they are unwrapped by the ones that picked them from the table.

Now, with all unwrapped presents on the table you set the timer for 5-10 minutes and start rolling the dice again. This time every time someone gets a six that person gets to take a present off anyone. You keep rolling the dice until the timer goes and whoever has what gifts in front of them get to keep them.

This game has many versions but this is Elle’s one. It is great fun how some presents become really popular and everyone is trying to steel them off each other. It is often good to think about who your guests are and what sort of presents would be popular. Maybe this is a game you could try this Christmas too. :)