Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar

The Swedish Church has now sadly confirmed that they will need to cancel this year's Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar. This must have been a very hard decision for them to make, as it is such a vital part of their work with the Scandinavian community in Melbourne and their main source of income.

Instead they are considering a virtual bazaar. All the food and traditional products have already been ordered from Sweden so you will still be able to buy those special treats and crafts that you can only find at the bazaar. Once we know more we will make sure that we share it through the Alex&Elle channels.

The shop at the Swedish Church is still open for online shopping. Here is a link to how you shop and what is on offer.

At Alex&Elle we will miss the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar this year. It is very close to heart for us and our families, and we always look forward to seeing so many of you there. 

PS. As mentioned before we are still planning for a Christmas themed Alex&Elle Open House if we are able to.