Using Coulours and Patterns with Confidence

Recently Alex&Elle became involved with the lovely Kirstyn Lloyd, founder and creative director of Maker + May Design Studio and her styling project at the Sorrento Furniture showroom.

Here she explains how to mix colours and patterns with confidence for use in contemporary interiors:

 “When it comes to selecting the right decorative elements for an interior space, clients often see things they love but lack confidence in combining them, especially when it comes to varying colours & patterns
A key starting point is to understand the solid ‘anchor points’ within the space. These are usually the fixed elements that have already been selected and installed such as wall colour, joinery, larger furniture pieces as well as existing flooring.
From here, when selecting decorative pieces, be sure to maintain a cohesive colour palette.
Keep the underlying tone of each element harmonious and balanced between light & dark, and try to link the common elements of each item through colour, style or scale.
Getting the above right means that you can now mix and match a variety of styles, patterns and textures without getting into too much trouble!
When choosing patterns, the balance is important. For example, if you select a busy organic print, then a cleaner geometric pattern combined with a complimentary solid colour will work nicely alongside it.
Lastly … visual texture is key! Combine different textures such as leather, metal, linen, wood, silk, wool, chunky weaves & finer cottons, the list is endless! Just remember to practice restraint in the amounts that are used."

Maker + May Design Studio is passionate about the creation of beautiful, confident &
considered spaces that carefully balance aesthetic value with practicality.  |  IG maker_may_studio