BRÖSARP (turquoise/green) - Cushion

Double-sided cushion with duck feather insert 

Alex&Elle’s beautiful Scandinavian designer cushions are handmade in Melbourne to the highest standard; from the quality of the fabrics and sewing craftsmanship to the duck feather inserts.

"Every step in the process is by hand; from first sketch to final design" - Betty Svensson

Designer: Betty Svensson is a Swedish textile designer. She uses various techniques like gouache, water colour, texta and crayon; and always works by hand.

Print: BRÖSARP is the name of a place in the countryside in the south of Sweden. A landscape of trees and hills in white, black, green and turquoise is printed on a beautiful high quality fabric. 

Return Policy: Refund/credit when returned within 30 days in original condition. See our Returns Policy for details.