Grand Designs Australia

August 2017

p. 37 DACHSHUNDS or TAX, pink: cushion

Grand Designs Australia

Denfair Magazine

June 2017

p.16   BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA, black: wall art
          AQUALOTIC, pink: wall art and cushion
          BJÖRKAR, turquoise: wall art and cushion
          EKEN, metallic champagne: wall art and cushion

DEN fair Magazine

Herald Sun Real Estate magazine

24 March 2017

p. 31   BRÖSARP, turquoise and red: wall art
            AQUALOTIC, pink: wall art
p.35    TAX, pink: cushion

Alex&Elle in Herald Sun Real Estate Magazine

The Weekly Review 

8 February 2017

p. 25   BJÖRKDUNGEN, beige: cushion

Alex&Elle in The Weekly Review Feb 8

The Daily Telegraph - Sydney 

14 January 2017

p. 18   BJÖRKAR, green: acoustic panel

Brisbane News

21 December 2016

p. 6   TAX, blue: cushion

Grand Designs - Sourcebook

December 2016

p. 29   AQUALOTIC red: wall art
           STRELITZIA grey: wall art

Grand Designs Sourcebook


Cove Magazine

November 2016

p. 136   CIRKELBLOMMA, candy: cushion

Cove Magazine Nov16


Home Design

September 2016

p. 42   LADIES, red and blue: wall art
            BJÖRKAR, turquiose: wall art
            PAVONNE, white: wall art
p. 64   EKEN, metallic champagne: wall art
p. 65   EKEN, metallic champagne: cushion
            LYCKANS BLAD, metallic chmpagne: cushion
p. 282 PAVONNE, white: wall art


August, 2016

p. 37    BJÖRKDUNGEN, white: cushion
p. 62    GOTTE: cushion
p. 63    FRUTTI pink: wall art and cushions
p. 213  STRELITZIA grey: wall art
            BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA black: wall art
            AQUALOTIC red: wall art
p. 214  EKEN metallic champagne: wall art


17 August, 2016

PAVONNE, white: wall art
AQUALOTIC, red: wall art
BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA, black: wall art
LADIES, red/pink: wall art
SKOGSBRYN: wall art
GRAFFITI: wall art and cushions


August, 2016

p. 28   BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA, wall art


July 2016


Alex&Elle in Renovating Magazine

Home Design

July 2016

p. 34   BJÖRKDUNGEN, white: cushion

Home Design - Design & Decoration, Special Issue 

July 2016

p. 41   AQUALOTIC, red: acoustic panel
           STRELITZIA, grey: wall art

Interiors Addict

24 May 2016

House and Garden

May 2016

p. 185   Kim Black mentions how our acoustic panels can add some colour to your room and still serve a practical purpose.

Home Beautiful

April/May, 2016

p. 22   BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA, black: acoustic panel
p. 77   BJÖRKDUNGEN, white: cushion

Home Beautiful Magazine April 2016


Cove Magazine (QLD)

April/May, 2016

p. 102   STRELITZIA, grey: wall art

Cove Magazine April 2016

Latte Magazine

April, 2016

p. 39   AQUALOTIC, red: wall art


The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

April 2, 2016

AQUALOTIC, red: acoustic board
BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA, black: acoustic board


The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

February 2016

AQUALOTIC, red: acoustic board



The Life Creative - The Melbourne Brand Serving Up Fabric Feature Walls To Die For

February 2016



Specifier Source - New Kids on the Block

February 11, 2016

STRELITZIA - grey, wall art
STRELITZIA - green, cushions
AQUALOTIC - red, acoustic board



HomeStyle, The Age (Melbourne) - Editors Choice

October 2015

BJÖRKDUNGEN, white: wall art and cushion



Herald Sun Home Magazine (Melbourne) - Style Watch

September 2015

STRELITZIA, green: cushion


Homestyle, The Age (Melbourne)

June 2015

AQUALOTIC, red: acoustic board


Winkelen Magazine (page 81)

May 2015

AQUALOTIC, red: acoustic board



Checks & Spots - The Days of Our Lives: Alex and Elle, Creators of Alex&Elle

April 7, 2015

GRAFFITI: wall art
STRELITZIA, grey: wall art



Bayside Leader - Realestate magazine

September 23, 2014

LANDSKAP, beige: wall art