BJÖRKDUNGEN (white) - Cushion
BJÖRKDUNGEN (white) - Cushion BJÖRKDUNGEN (white) - Cushion BJÖRKDUNGEN (white) - Cushion

Double-sided cushion with duck feather insert 

Alex&Elle’s beautiful Scandinavian designer cushions are handmade in Melbourne to the highest standard; from the quality of the fabrics and sewing craftsmanship to the duck feather inserts.

Designer: Mialotta Arvidsson is a Swedish textile designer. Her specialty is hand painted patterns. The hand painting gives her designs a vibrancy that is hard to achieve by computer. All her designs are inspired by nature with flowers and birds.

Print: The trunks of silver birches in grey and white with green leaves and the odd white wagtails are printed on a quality white cotton fabric.

Return Policy: Refund/credit when returned within 30 days in original condition. See our Returns Policy for details.