HUNDKÄX - Wall Art
HUNDKÄX - Wall Art HUNDKÄX - Wall Art

Alex&Elle’s authentic and unique fabric wall art enhances the warmth, look and feel of any room. All our Scandinavian designs are individually selected and each art piece is handmade to order in Melbourne. High performance acoustic insulation, which reduces noise and improves the soundproofing of every space, can be integrated into our wall art.

Designer: Ulla Gustavsson is a Swedish textile designer.


Print: HUNDKÄXmeaning Cow Parsley in Swedish, is a design showing soft flowers in white and grey printed on a high quality sheer fabric.


  • Size 183x122cm      - portrait hanging
  • Size 122x91cm        - landscape hanging
  • Size 183x61cm        - portrait hanging

Estimated Delivery: 4-6 weeks, will be confirmed upon order.

Return Policy: Refund/credit when returned within 30 days in original condition. See our Returns Policy for details.