Soundproofing acoustic panel for noise reduction

Acoustic Panels provide excellent soundproofing and sound insulation to reduce noise and improve the ambiance of any room. These high quality acoustic panels are available in a range of Alex&Elle Scandinavian designer fabrics to improve the acoustic insulation and soundproofing of any space.

A full size acoustic panel is 240x120cm and as a standard we also offer a half size, 120x120cm. The boards can be cut to smaller sizes or mounted side by side for a larger impact. Each piece is custom made in Melbourne. 

“Through our designs we communicate our dreams, visions, memories and stories” - Pinja Laine

Designer: Pinja Laine is a Finnish textile and interior designer. She has worked worldwide and now owns her own design studio in Helsinki. Many recognised Swedish and Finnish companies have purchased Pinja’s designs and she has won several product development competitions.

Print: With the leafy graphic design called morning flower Pinja has tried to create the feeling in the forest an early morning. Different shades of blue printed on a beautiful white cotton fabric.

Orientation: Portrait ohanging

Weight: 9kg (240x240cm), 5kg (120x120cm)

Estimated Delivery: 4-6 weeks, will be confirmed upon order.

Return Policy: Refund/credit when returned within 30 days in original condition. See our Returns Policy for details.