SKOGSBRYN - Pendant Set of 3 20cm(w)

Alex&Elle’s beautiful Scandinavian designer fabrics can be made into lampshades and pendants. They are custom made to order and are available in many sizes. 

This series of three pendants in different sizes are hung at different heights to create a stronger visual impact.

The sizes of the three pendants are:
Width x Height
20cm x 35cm
20cm x 40cm
20cm x 45cm

The design SKOGSBRYN means "Forest Edge" in Swedish. The abstract and graphic trunks of silver birches in grey and white are printed on a quality white cotton fabric.

Designer: Mialotta Arvidsson is a Swedish textile designer. Her specialty is hand painted patterns. The hand painting gives her designs a vibrancy that is hard to achieve by computer. All her designs are inspired by nature with flowers and birds.

Please contact us directly for design advise and size options.

Return Policy: Refund/credit when returned within 30 days in original condition. See our Returns Policy for details.